About The Black Marriage Movement:

The mission of The Black Marriage Movement is to decrease the high Divorce rate in our community by promoting and strengthening *African American/Black Marriages through education, recreation and celebration.

*When referencing African American/Black Marriages we are including marriages between 1 man and 1 woman where at least 1 spouse identifies as African American or Black.

If you are an African American-Black Married/Engaged Couple or Single looking to get marriage please note…Research has shown that nearly 52% of African American Marriages end in divorce (See additional stats below)

The Black Marriage Movement was created to help overcome this statistic. We have created an online community of support and encouragement where information, updates and tips can be provided for ALL black and married/engaged couples in Greater seattle and beyond.  The Movement challenges and encourages Black couples to stand strong together for their marriage and other black marriages in hope that we can decrease that statistic by our cumulated efforts

More Stats:

Studies show that while 35% of Americans between age 24 and 34 have never been married, that percentage increases to 54% for African Americans in the same age group. Additionally, married couples head 76% of our American families, while African American married couples head only 47.9% of American families.

While the overall rate for single parent households in America has increased for all children, it is especially alarming among African Americans. Between 1960 and 1995, the number of African American children living with two married parents dropped from 75% to 33%. At this moment, 69% of African American births are to single mothers as compared to 33% nationally.

This is a very sad statistic that we hope you will join us and other in our efforts to change this negative trend. There are unique challenges that face the black marriage but together we can stand against the odds and change that trend- at least in our community, our city, or state (taken from AAHMI website)

To learn more and/or to help us promote and celebrate healthy African American/Black Marriage please go to:

  • www.facebook.com/BlackCouples – Like this page and please share with others who would like to support this cause, especially Black Couples and singles who would benefit in preparation for a strong black marriage!
  • Twitter and Follow @BlackCouples

Special Events:

  • Black Marriage Day Event  in collaboration with several community partners (coming in March 17th, 2013) This is a Brunch and a Vow renewal Ceremony and Celebration. Come and enjoy this day with your spouse and a house of other couples from the greater Seattle Area!
  • Seattle Fall Ball – 4th Annual Coming Soon Oct. 25th, 2013 at the Seattle Marriott
  • Walking in the parade to promote healthy relationships (More info coming soon)
  • Date Night Events (contact for more info)
  • Workshops and Seminars (contact for more info)

For more info feel free to contact Heidi Henderson-Lewis 206.992.6857 or info@TheBlackMarriageMovement.org