The Black Marriage Movement mission is to decrease the high Divorce rate in the black community by promoting and strengthening *African American/Black Marriages through education, recreation and celebration

*When referencing African American/Black Marriages we are including marriages between 1 man and 1 woman where at least 1 spouse identifies as African American or Black).

Research has shown that nearly 52% of African American Marriages end in divorce (See additional stats below) and we do not want yours to be among those.  The Black Marriage Movement was created to change this negative statistics about black marriages.  

If you are an African American-Black Engaged Couple or an individual looking to get married we hope that you will not enter into a married relationship lightly. Be apart of the solution and prepare to be married so that you can add to the success rate that we are hoping to accomplish through this movement…

The Movement challenges and encourages Black couples to stand strong together for their marriage and other black marriages in hope that we can decrease that statistic.  Of course “Standing Strong” doesn’t mean that you tolerate anything.  We want to see barriers removed that prevent couple from getting the support, skills and services they need to be successful in their marriage!

We believe that if we Stand Together and create not only an online community of support and encouragement with information, updates and tips for single, married/engaged couples, but also by hosting and/or promoting, workshops, conferences, panels, and fun events locally that celebrate and promote Marriages and healthy relationship we can make a HUGE impact.


The Movement is currently looking for leaders in other cities and states who would be interested in joining the movement and leading a chapter in your area. If you are passionate about Black Marriage and feel called to do coordinate, collaborate and lead on behalf of black marriage and healthy relationships we would like for you to reach out and express your interest so we can chat more about the possibilities – click here

Stay engaged. Stay connected. Stay together.